Did you know we breathe a minimum of 15,000 liters of air per day? Doesn’t it make sense then to breathe filtered and Clean Air?


In the 21st century, we spend 90% of our time indoors. It makes sense to breathe quality air

I'm Raghu, An Expert in Indoor Air Quality

Having 13 years’ experience in the filter industry, I also have a Certified Accredited professional for WELL (US-based Indoor Environmental Quality), and RESET (Air quality certification). That’s a rare and sweet combination perfectly suited to achieve the best and clean air. We not only know about Air Pollutants but also about the technicality of Filters. You get the right advice and the right results needed.  It’s not just about buying an air purifier, plugging, and running it. But it’s about being guided on how best to use it that matters.

Presenting IQAir 

We are the official dealers of IQ Air. IQ Air, a Swiss-based company is in the business of providing clean air from 1963. Much before Air quality became the talk of the town or Air purifiers became a common thing. The air purifier has won many prestigious awards and accolades from around the world.

Our Hyper HEPA H13 filters used in the Health pro series are tested according to EN1822 and can filter even particles 1/10th the size of the virus

IQAir Health Pro Series 

IQ Air Health Pro 250, an award winning Air purifier keeps the room, clean safe and healthy. It has 3 levels of filtration and removes all the pollutants in the air. It even filters out 1/10th the size of Virus. It makes a minimal noise and uses very less electricity (comparable to 1 CFL bulb). 

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IQAir Atem Car

Did you know that, pollution inside your car is at least 3 times the outside pollution? If you are travelling in car in a city for more than an hour every day, then investing in Car Air purifier is the best investment… Our state of the art – Atem Car safeguards you from harmful pollutants like Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, and Formaldehyde

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Providing Clean and Healthy Air is a science and our certified expert guides you to provide a Healthy and Clean Air. It’s not just about selling Air Purifiers.

Certified Expert

We are not here only to sell air purifiers but to give you Clean and Healthy Air all time, any time. With our certified experts, we will make sure you get proper air purifiers installed at a proper location and we will guide you on how to read pollutant levels and how to reach optimal air quality.


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