IQAir Cleanzone SLS

Rs. 777,650.00

Powerful, Commercial-Grade Air Cleaning

• Combines high-efficiency performance with ultra-low noise design

• Wall mount options save valuable floor space

• 100% Ozone Free

• HyperHEPA SL-H11 filter with the surface area of 13.3 m2 (The CleanZone HyperHEPA filter removes more than 99% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger and is proven to filter ultrafine particles down to 0.003 microns in diameter, the smallest particles that exist.)

• Energy Efficient Air Purifier for 1000 Sq Ft*

• Remote & Timer available for easy control of the unit

• Guaranteed high-efficiency filtration of

      o  Fine & Ultrafine particulates (PM10, PM2.5)

      o  Airborne bacteria, viruses, and mould spores

      o  Wide range of gaseous chemical contaminants

• We guarantee that you will get 99% particle-free air at a sound level not exceeding 50 dB(A) and power consumption of less than 75 watts


Advanced Micro-Fiber Filtration

 PreMax - The CleanZone SLS HyperHEPA filter features Advanced Micro-Fiber (AMF) technology. AMF fibers are 10 times thinner than conventional filter fibers. This allows air to pass easily through the filtration media while the ultra-fine threads create an almost impenetrable barrier for pollution particles. AMF filter technology in the CleanZone allows the air to pass through the filtration media with less resistance and turbulence, adding to its ultra-low noise performance.

Advanced Filtration of Chemical Substances and Odours
CleanZone SLS can be optionally equipped with IQAir’s unique GCX filter technology. The cylindrical shape of the GCX cartridges allows for optimum contact between the contaminated air and the filter media, thus ensuring maximum removal efficiency.

Five GCX gas phase-filter cartridge sets that hold up to 14 kg of granular media, is available to target either a very specific range of chemical pollutants (such as formaldehyde, VOCs) or to control a wide spectrum of gaseous contaminants and odours:

• VOC: for higher molecular gaseous pollutants, including a broad variety of odour-causing organic compounds (e.g. dimethylamine), VOCs (e.g. benzene, toluene, xylene), solvents (e.g. cyclohexane, carbon disulfide, turpentine, trichloroethylene), alcohols (e.g. methanol, propanol), aromatic hydrocarbons (e.g. naphthalene, styrene), alkenes, esters (e.g. ethyl acetate) and ozone, etc.

• ChemiSorber: for a broad range of chemical pollutants including many lower molecular aldehydes (e.g. formaldehyde) and organic acids (e.g. acrylic acid, acetic acid), sulfuric oxides (e.g. sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide) and nitrogen oxides (e.g. nitrogen monoxide, nitrogen dioxide), etc.

• MultiGas: for a broad spectrum of gaseous pollutants and odours, including hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sulfuric oxides, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, lower molecular aldehydes and organic acids, nitrogen oxides, higher molecular gases, odours, ozone, etc. AM: for ammonia, amines (e.g. methylamine, triethylamine), etc.

• AcidPro: for sour gases including caproic acid, caprylic acid, chlorine, formic acid, hydrobromic acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, dinitrogen monoxide, sulfuric acid, etc.

Highly effective against ultrafine particles
Ultrafine particles (UFPs) are the most harmful form of air pollution, smaller than 0.1 microns. Ultrafine particles can easily inhale deep into our lungs and get absorbed into the bloodstream. From there, ultrafine particles reach every organ and every cell in our body and disrupt their proper operation. Ultrafine particles have been linked to heart attacks, strokes, asthma, and even cancer. An independent study demonstrated that the IQAir CleanZone SLS can remove 94% of ultrafine particles from the air.

Exceptional control of air pollution

Diesel soot, allergens, viruses, and all other airborne pollutants, including tiny but deadly ultrafine particles, are captured by the CleanZone SLS. The CleanZone’s HyperHEPA filter removes more than 99% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger and is proven to filter ultrafine particles down to 0.003 microns in diameter, the smallest particles that exist.

High airflow
The CleanZone SLS has an exceptional airflow capacity of up to 820 m3/h (482 cfm) while meeting the most stringent noise standards and providing unequaled air filtration. The high capacity of the CleanZone SLS enables it to provide up to 4 complete air changes per hour in a 200 cubic meter room. Air is drawn in from the bottom of the CleanZone SLS system and is directed upward into the environment to avoid annoying drafts and discomfort.

At 45 dB(A), the CleanZone SLS is the quietest high-performance air purifier in the world, virtually inaudible even in quiet indoor spaces, such as offices and classrooms. Even at the highest fan speed setting, the CleanZone SLS only generates an incredibly low sound level of 45 dB(A). That is a three times lower sound level than that generated by typical professional air purifiers and practically inaudible even in a quiet work environment.

Air Change Optimization (ACO) technology
In designing the CleanZone SLS air purifier, IQAir engineers carefully studied air cleaner airflow patterns to create the most effective air cleaning possible. The result was Air Change Optimization (ACO) Technology, which allows for better air cleaning by not only cleaning more air but also distributing it more effectively in the room.