Our Story

The Beginning 

Pioneer Filters was established by BM Gopala in 1987. He was working in a reputed Company in the filter division and quit his job to pursue Entrepreneurship. It was a difficult time as he did not have a stable income for the next two years. He was continuously struggling with the business. Finally, R Srinivas, his Co-Brother invested in the company. That gave a boost to the finances.

They didn't have a fancy working space initially in 1987. They had to utilize a small car garage for the work. The first few projects undertaken were manufacturing filters for trucks. Pioneer Filters made meagre profits just enough to run the families but not enough to expand the business. The passion shown by the partners was what kept them optimistic about the business. "Best Industries" a company in the neighbourhood was supplying blowers for "Kirloskar Electric", a reputed company. "Kirloskar Electric" was in search of a reliable Air Filter supplier. When they routinely visited BEST Industries, they learnt about Pioneer Filters. The staff at Kirloskar proactively developed Pioneer Filter and helped us in every field. There were some struggles to standardize manufacturing for the next 5 – 6 months, and once it streamlined, there has been no looking back.

We have been grateful to Kirloskar for their support and trust in us during our tough times, which helped us grow immensely. Following Kirloskar, we added "Integrated Electric Co Ltd". That was a very prosperous time as the company had successfully acquired long term clients. From 1992 to 2007, Pioneer Filters has served three big clients, i.e., Kirloskar, Integrated and Crompton Grieves, and few other small companies.

The Present

Raghu worked for a year in HCL after completing graduation in Mechanical Engineering. He joined Pioneer Filters in the year 2007, which was the time of the global recession. And it was a time of both personal and professional challenges.

We had to strive hard to keep ourselves in the market. And we successfully managed to survive through it. Pioneer Filters has always stayed true to its vision of helping clients customizing Air Filters according to their needs. By doing this, we have set ourselves apart from our competitors.

In 2009, Raghu took complete responsibility for Production and Marketing. In the subsequent years, Pioneer team added two more reputed MNC's to the client list. WEG India being the first one and being one of the reputed companies in Brazil, started their factory in neighbouring Hosur, Tamil Nadu. And the next MNC was TMEIC, a Japanese Company and has set up its factory in Tumkur.

The Future

Rajini Krishnamurthy joined Pioneer Filters in 2012, and she initially helped in production and marketing. She is in charge of company finances and accounts.

In 2017, we decided to add new verticals to our business. We started visiting places like Germany, Mumbai, and Delhi to explore a few opportunities by attending a few exhibitions and conferences. We invested much time studying and realized that we could delve into Indoor Air Quality.

We entered into a dealership with Breathe Easy, the exclusive partners for IQ Air Products in India. We got interested in this product and solution because it was closely connected to the problems many people face in Bengaluru.

To make a difference in other people's lives by improving their health is very satisfying. We have thoroughly enjoyed this journey. We are more confident than ever to help people with the new product and service. It gives us intense happiness as we are trying to provide clean and quality air to Bengaluru people.