IQAir - Commercial

 IQAir Cleanroom 100

IQAir Cleanroom 250

IQAir Cleanroom 100
IQAir CleanRoom 250
Rs 165,000.00 Rs 187,250.00
The IQAir Cleanroom Series offers a range of portable, self contained HEPA air filtration systems designed to meet airborne infection control and particulate contamination challenges in critical indoor environments. Comes with antimicrobial and hospital grade HyperHEPA filter. Removes a wide spectrum of gaseous contaminants and odours with its V5-Cell filter. Antimicrobial Pre-filter eliminates micro-particles.

IQAir  Cleanroom H13

IQAir GC MultiGas

IQAir Cleanroom H13
IQAir GCMultiGas
Rs 220,500.00 Rs 193,000.00
The Cleanroom H13 is designed to give cleanrooms and other critical environments a steady supply of virtually particle-free air. Designed with a 320 degree EvenFlow™ Diffuser to supply more air in more directions without drafts or noise. GC MultiGas features the most powerful fan ever used in a residential room air purifier for even better air cleaning results. The IQAir GC Series offers advanced filtration technology for the professional control of chemical substance and odour in a compact format.

IQAir CleanZone 5300* with MultiGas

IQAir Cleanzone SLS

IQAir CleanZone 5300* with MultiGas IQAir Cleanzone SLS
Rs 1,231,650.00 Rs 777,650.00

 Hi-performance mobile air filtration system to handle deadly airbone chemicals.The most powerful air cleaning system of its class. The CleanZone 5300® Series includes the IQAir high-efficiency PreMax™ 500 Filter Drum (Class F9 / MERV 16) as part of the system’s fan module, eliminating micro-particles such as pollen, mold spores, and other contaminants.


The CleanZone SLS HyperHEPA filter features Advanced Micro-Fiber (AMF) technology. AMF fibers are 10 times thinner than conventional filter fibers. This allows air to pass easily through the filtration media while the ultra-fine threads create an almost impenetrable barrier for pollution particles. AMF filter technology in the CleanZone allows the air to pass through the filtration media with less resistance and turbulence, adding to its ultra-low noise performance.