Air Purifier for Hospitals

Air Purifiers for Hospitals

Hospital is a place where we go for treatment of illness. Many hospitals have good Operation Rooms where utmost care is taken to prevent Air Borne transmission of pathogens. Even Intensive Care Units ICU’s have good facilities and have reduced Air Borne transmission of Pathogens. But the most vulnerable parts of a hospital are the Outpatient Department, Reception, Cafeteria where there is also a high probability of Air Borne transmission of Pathogens like Virus and Bacteria.

Our Cleanroom H13 Air Purifier as well as Cleanroom 250 MG Air Purifiers can be used in all common areas and can effectively filter out the smallest of the virus. Every IQAir Cleanroom Series air cleaning system is equipped with antimicrobial PreMax™ and HyperHEPA® filter media for advanced infection control. The antimicrobial filter surface acts as a contact bactericide. It thus provides an additional barrier against airborne microorganisms that are captured by the filter. The active component PHMB  (polyhexamethylene biguanide) has been used successfully for more than four decades. It is incorporated in a wide variety of disinfection products such as liquid hard surface disinfectants, antimicrobial hand soaps, wound dressings, and disinfectants for medical device sterilization. PHMB is active against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA and VRE.

Airpurifer for Hospitals

Cleanroom H13 Air Purifier has 2 levels of filtration. The first Filter F8, as mentioned, has an antimicrobial layer. The HEPA Filter H13 grade is 99.97% efficient as per European EN1822 standards. Both work in reducing pathogens like Virus and Bacteria.

Cleanroom 250 MG has 3 Filters. In addition to F8 filter and HEPA filter, there is also an Activated Carbon filter that takes care of Odours and other harmful smells.

Clean zone SLS series Air Purifiers can be used in large areas like reception and cafeteria.

Isolation rooms can be created with the help of our Air purifiers to isolate patients with a specific disease like COVID, Tuberculosis, etc.

Also, our Air Purifiers can be used in Operation Theatres and ICU’s for advanced Air Quality control

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