IQAir Dental Series 

"Dentists are the ones meant for creating beautiful smiles."

But as a dentist, are you aware that you are at a high risk of exposure to infection transmission from your patients??

Have you got any idea that which parts of your face are at a high exposure to airborne infections??

You will be shocked to know that the dental drilling procedures aerosolize from the infected patient's mouth and produce fine aerosols or particles consisting of moisture droplets that contain blood, saliva, and filling particles. It is small enough to penetrate deep into your lungs and suspends the particles in the air, which can be inhaled by the other patients, mostly causing bacterial or viral infections.

It is evident that you get closer to your patients to have a better view of the teeth, so it is not surprising that contamination can quickly happen in central areas of your face.

All you require is a professional air cleaning equipment for your dental environment.

is a customized purifier to solve the problem of infection transmission and protect you from inhaling the gases from the infected patient's mouth and the drilling procedures.  This air purifier absorbs all the micro-biological air contaminants, disinfectant vapor, mercury vapor, odors, dust particles, etc.


  • FlexVac: It is a flexible pipe attached to the air purifier and should be positioned near the patient's mouth to absorb mercury vapor, drill aerosols, bacteria, viruses, etc

  • Gas-Phase Filter Cartridges: Contains particular mercury binding media to help remove mercury vapor, odors, formaldehyde, and many other gaseous chemicals. 

  • True HEPA Pre Filter: gives 99% efficiency for particulates greater than 0.3 microns and removes viruses, bacteria, ultrafine particles, etc.

  • Air Intake: takes in pollution from both sides of the air purifier.

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