IQAir Atem Car

Rs. 43,900.00

The IQAir Atem is an incredibly powerful, yet quiet and compact car air purifier. It is able to clean the air in your car up to 20 times per hour and capture a wide range of road and in-vehicle air pollutants. 

For the effective filtration of harmful particulate matter and adsorption of a myriad of chemical components, the Atem Car is equipped with IQAir’s HyperHEPA Plus filter. This filter provides effective filtration of in-cabin air pollutants by combining different media types, including a HyperHEPA particle filter which filters all types of airborne particulates (incl. PM2.5, allergens, road dust, diesel particles and even bacteria and viruses) and a gas-phase filter which adsorbs a wide range of odours and chemicals.

The Atem Car air purifier is supplied complete with the Atem Car Accessory Kit. The kit includes a special car mount adapter and a 12-24V power adaptor that plugs into any standard car power socket. The crash-tested car mount can be fitted to the rear of the headrest of a seat, allowing the Atem air purifier to be snapped securely into place.

The Atem has been designed in Switzerland and is made exclusively at IQAir’s German production facility.

The USP can be summarised as follows:

The IQAir Atem Car is the ultimate car air purifier. Mounted at head height, the Atem creates a unique airflow pattern in the upper part of the car cabin, thus delivering clean air to where it matters most – the driver’s and passengers' breathing zone. The Atem’s HyperHEPA Plus filter effectively removes all types of airborne particulates and a wide range of odours and chemicals for a healthier, safer and more comfortable journey, wherever you drive.