IQ Air Atem Car - The Ultimate Car Air Purifier

Air Pollution is worse than you think

  • The air inside your car is as polluted as outside due to tunnelling effect.

  • Add to it the toxic odours emitted by plastics, fabric inside your car.

  • Atem Hyper HEPA filter captures even particles 1/10th the size of the virus and adsorbs harmful gas.

  • A large filter media with a long life compared to ordinary car purifier.

  • Mounted behind the front seat, the best place for optimal performance.

  • Safe – Crash tested at ADAC facility, Germany

A recent study in Bengaluru put a cost associated with air pollution of around Rs 50,000/- per year per person.  In addition to the toxic gases from other vehicles, you also inhale poisonous gases emitted by the plastics in your car. Due to the tunnelling effect, Air pollution inside the car is double the pollution outside.


The health effects of inhaling these gases are terrible over ten years. Fortunately, we have a solution that works effectively to combat this air pollution. Our state of the art - Atem car Air purifier protects you and your family by filtering the air inside your car, removing harmful pollutants like Benzene, Nitrogen Dioxide, Formaldehyde, Soot, Pollen, Bacteria, Sulphur Dioxide and Particulate Matter (PM 2.5)

You drive behind a garbage truck, and air conditioning is in recycling mode – you still get that stinking smell. Well, that is because your car is not air sealed, and whatever else you do, you are not at all protected from outside pollution. Your Air conditioning Filter alone or your recirculation mode will be of very little use.  Studies have shown that the air inside is twice more polluted than outside air. This creates a lot of respiratory issues in your lungs, thereby creating many illnesses. Often the tiniest of the particles cause the most immense damage. The fine particles are deposited in the deepest parts of the lungs and are very dangerous.

Imagine you and your loved ones exposed to so many pollutants and clueless till now. Only a good air purifier can solve this problem, and unfortunately, your ordinary car air purifier doesn't solve the problem. 
All you need to do is install our German-made Atem Air Purifier. It will work its magic and captures most of the pollutants inside your car, keeping it clean. We believe in reliable, proven, and traditional passive filtration technology, which ensures that the air is super clean. Our Hyper HEPA Filters can filter out the tiniest of the materials- 1/10th the size of the virus. Also, Activated Carbon with Impegraneted Alumina adsorbs all the harmful gases. You and your loved ones can now travel safely inside the car without ever worrying about pollution.  

Atem Air Purifier is manufactured in Germany by Swiss company IQ Air. They are pioneers in the Air Purifier business for close to 60 years. The technology used in the Car Air Purifier is the traditional filtering used in the filter industry for many years. You can rest assured of the reliability of the product. With my experience of 10 years in Air Filters, I confidently tell you that this car air purifier is one of the best in the world.

I have been a victim of Air Pollution myself. From my childhood, I had a mild form of asthma, and later I developed Sinusitis. I get these allergies more in monsoon and winter seasons. Then, when I started practising pranayama and other breathing exercises, I got healthier. Still, I felt there was always something missing, which could have made me healthier, but I could not figure out. I only realized what I was missing when I trekked in the Himalayas, where I did not use any medicines for 11 days. With this, I realized, I can live a healthy life when I can only inhale clean air. It has changed my life. I want you to breathe clean air and would like you to have a very healthy life. I am helping as many people as possible to develop this awareness of the importance of healthy living by breathing clean air.

The IQ Atem Car is an outstanding design with high performance.


  • 1. Classy design - Fits in well and so beautiful and enhances the look of your car
    2. Hyper HEPA plus filters – We rely on proven technology present for many years; these HEPA filters can remove even the tiniest particle – 1/10th size of the virus at 99% efficiency. 
    3. 12-24V CAR POWER CORD - Comes with 2-meter length to access the plug quickly. It fits into any 12-24V power socket (i.e., cigarette lighter socket)

  • 4. AUTOMATIC OPERATION - Once plugged in and switched on, the Atem automatically turns on and off with the car's ignition.

  • 5. THE FILTER ID-CHIP - Monitor the lifespan of the filter to keep track of the actual usage & alert user to change filters

  • 6. AIRFLOW ADJUSTMENT - Offer three fan speed settings, each of which can also be individually adjusted via Bluetooth, APP, or by gently tapping the Atem logo on the device.

  • 7. AIRFLOW INDICATOR LED - Provides feedback of the selected airflow setting followed by standby mode indication

  • 8. A phone app that makes it easy to control the Air Purifier.

    Now the first thought that comes to you – This is much more than many purifiers in the market. I want to tell you this, and I am not telling you that other purifiers are not acceptable. On the contrary, I believe our air purifiers are the best. It gives you the best results making the air inside as clean as possible. It would be best if you considered the cost in terms of its overall beneficial effect on health: your productivity increases, your health increases. Your loved ones are healthier, and your sick leaves reduce. I believe an investment of 45,000 rupees over a good car air purifier far outweighs the potential cost incurred over the next few years by not buying a good car air purifier. 

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